There is much in life available on the subject of healing and its vital relevance to our life. For most, the idea, notion or feeling to seek healing in times of struggle is an innate knowing or instinct, sought through varying and many mediums available to us around the globe.

But what if healing was not something only sought out in desperate times, but a way to live your life that could make all that you do healing?

Could the way we live actually connect us to the true us, and could true healing come from that?

Equally so, do the things we currently turn to for ‘healing’ truly resolve what is going on, or do they just better ‘manage’ our ills?

There is much to be explored as to what healing truly means, and all that it can actually be.

Here within these pages you will read about the modality of Sacred Esoteric Healing and its teachings as a way of life that brings to the practical modern day a simplicity of connection to the true essence of who you are. There will be personal testimonials to explore, articles, film and audio interviews of people from all walks of life; sharing in a commonality of experience of the power of this modality, the ageless teachings from which it comes, and, its vast expression in life beyond that of the typical ‘clinic room’.

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What does being grounded mean?