What is a real man?

Is he strong, capable, in control? Does he have all of his oars in the water? What does he look like? Does he have a family, and can he provide for his children? Is he straight? How should he perform between the sheets, and how long is long enough? Can he get the job done?

There is no doubt that when we sit back and look at it, society puts a lot of pressure on us as men. And most certainly we put pressure on ourselves, in many cases without even being able to admit as much. As such, we all too often just accept life as being the “way it is”.

The end result for most of us is that our health is suffering. Health statistics paint a grim picture for the modern man. It is a picture that says that the average man is most likely overweight, stressed, exhausted, burdened, unhappy with his job, occasionally experiencing depression, and in need of a long holiday.

So what is going on? Perhaps it is time that we sat back, and without judgement or condemnation, started to open up and question life a little. Whatever your role in life, whatever is going on for you, on this webpage you will find an article written by someone who has experienced life as you have, who has dared to ask the unasked questions – the answers to which may surprise you.

Welcome to Men – A Different Way

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