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Chakra-puncture is a form of healing therapy for the body in which needles, applied very lightly, allow the body to reconfigure back to its natural state of harmony. Chakra-puncture uses very soft fine Japanese style needles that are tube delivered (being too soft to insert without a protective safety sheath).

Chakra-puncture is executed with very light needles to a depth of 0.2 to 0.5mm on average (compared to many forms of Acupuncture which needle to far greater depths and with much thicker needles), and it maintains an impeccable safety record.

Chakra-puncture is not acupuncture, it is not like any form of acupuncture and it does not follow meridians or acupuncture points as used in acupuncture.

Chakra-puncture works with the system of Nadis throughout the body, which are the 45,000 energetic centres that make up the human body. Chakra-puncture allows a person to experience the natural fire activated from the centre of the Nadi, connecting them to feeling their own energy of vitality in their body, an inner strengthening and a fuller way of expressing.

If the client accepts and does not reject this experience of emanation from the Nadis then their body can push up, process and release the energies that are heavy, dense and blocking for wellbeing in the body. The centre of the Nadi is who we truly are – the spark we all come from and which lives eternally within us. When we allow that spark to be, what is not us – what is not of that spark – can be released.

Chakra-puncture offers an opportunity to experience what vitality feels like, as opposed to what most of us experience day to day, where our body settles for a way of being that is about merely functioning – merely getting through.

As with all Universal Medicine Therapies, no claims are made in terms of producing any effect in the body: the Universal Medicine Therapies, and the principles and teachings of the esoteric itself, merely offer a presentation of another way based on the livingness of the practitioners themselves.

In other words, the stillness and fire lived by the practitioner present to the client the possibility of living in a body that is fiery, vital and coming from a stillness within – instead of being pushed around and driven by the everyday happenings and functions of life itself. To activate the Nadis and live in and from their fire is the experience offered by Chakra-puncture, which clients can choose to make a way of life.

Chakra-puncture offers an experience of stillness and the fiery emanation of the Nadi, and what the client does with that experience and the depth or extent of healing felt, is up to the client themselves: the practitioner’s role is simply to reflect and present what indeed can be lived, so the client has a taste or experience of the so much more that is possible for all.

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