Universal Medicine Therapies – What have they got to do with the Board Room?

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Universal Medicine Therapies – What have they got to do with the Board Room?

Over the last 13 years I have attended Universal Medicine events and workshops, and have attended courses and trained in Esoteric Massage, Esoteric Chakra-puncture and Sacred Esoteric Healing. I’ve also undertaken the practice hours, studied anatomy and physiology and nutrition, and gained accreditation from the Esoteric Practitioners Association (EPA) for these modalities.

This may seem quite reasonable, and it is. Except that I work as a leader, manager, and coach in the public sector in the UK running my own management consultancy company and I am also an Associate of two UK universities. So why would I spend the time and resource to study these modalities? After all, it would be very unlikely that I’d be undertaking esoteric massage at a corporate board workshop, or during a University Lecture. And for the field of work I am in, these are not the obvious professional development choices, having studied extensively, including a PhD as well as a number of vocational qualifications and two other degrees.

What I didn’t realise until I started as a student of Universal Medicine, was that my focus in work – and in life – was one dimensional; it was practical and well organised.

In my field of work I am highly regarded, but to me my work and life lacked something; it lacked a roundedness and a worldliness – a universality if I may say it like that. Added to which I was championing health and wellbeing at work, and yet my own physical body was suffering from exhaustion, anxiety and a number of long term medical conditions.

Through studying with Universal Medicine I have begun learning to live life in a new way, becoming my own esoteric healing practitioner, discerning from my body each daily choice I make, learning to deeply care for myself in every way, and understanding that I am not the one dimensional unit of life I thought I was, but I am multidimensional. Yes, I am in a physical human body, but I also have an energetic body as I am a Son of God, a spark of light, with a spirit and a soul and I belong to something far grander than what can be seen only by the human eye.

With a deeper commitment to studying the Universal Medicine (UM) therapies, not only am I taking care of myself so that I live with more integrity, and authenticity, I am also taking a greater responsibility for everything in life, including the way I work and run a business.

This means attention to every detail: within the finances, the quality of work, the level of communication in all emails, ensuring I deliver what I commit to deliver, learning to not react to or judge others who I work with, learning to work in a team wherever I am, and seeing all others as equal.

Studying the UM therapies has impacted greatly on the way I work, opening me up to the bigger picture, to being more worldly in choosing to see and accept what is going on around me in life, world wide: the atrocities, the issues we face, being sensitive to the intensity and pressures people are under, and understanding to a far greater degree the root of societal and workplace issues. In learning to lay your hands on another during a sacred esoteric healing course, you realise you have your hands directly on the pulse of humanity – and in understanding the physical body and how emotions affect us, great wisdom is offered with regards to working in any walk of life. You also learn from the get go an immense amount of integrity regarding the way you treat another: the code of ethics and practice you learn to work by whilst on the courses takes personal and energetic responsibility to a whole other level when dealing with people in work and in life.

I used to think I was at the ‘top of my game’ before I met Serge Benhayon and began studying UM therapies; 14 years on I am only now beginning to realise what it is to be a true leader and manager. Every single workshop and course I have attended with Universal Medicine has impacted greatly on the quality of how I live in my life, and my relationships with all the people I work with – the leaders, boards, and managers.

So whilst I may not be a practitioner of the UM therapies, as a practitioner of life, attending the UM therapy courses has been pure gold. So much so that my annual CPD (continued professional development) includes attending UM therapy courses twice yearly, and ensuring I have monthly sessions with a Universal Medicine practitioner.

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    By Jane Keep , Phd, MPhil, MSc, FCIPD, MIC Cmgr, FCMI

    Our health and nurturance are fundamental at work and in life. Work is medicine – I love work and the daily learning it brings. I love people, nature and being in the world. And I’m learning to love how nourishing taking responsibility is.

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