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During a Universal Medicine course, I was feeling quite unwell. It felt like motion sickness as the feeling continued to churn through my stomach.

During the weekend I had a brief chat with Serge about feeling nauseous.

He simply said ‘What are you not accepting?’

It just hit me, and though at first I found these simple words hard to interpret, that quickly dissipated and was replaced by appreciation for his words and how true they were. The truth was, I wasn’t accepting many things in my life.

I wasn’t accepting who I am, I wasn’t accepting or appreciating the young man that I was, nor was I accepting my worth or my potential. These simple words unlocked a whole new view of myself. Not only did this truth enable me to be a more open and approachable person, it also allowed me to be more open, compassionate and accepting of others as well.

This wasn’t a trying or a ‘put on’ to be more open, but an example of how accepting myself showed me a way of being ‘just naturally’ me, as is my true nature. Through this experience I have continued to develop and deepen my self-acceptance daily, which has helped me immensely in all areas of life.

Although they were simple words, Serge’s reading was a profound gift from a person who had the clarity to remind me of something that I did already know, but up until that moment had chosen to not remember.

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    By Luke Yokota, Nurse

    Luke has a passion for health and education. He is light hearted, fun, quirky and always ready to for a conversation. Luke sees every day as another opportunity to learn and develop.