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In recent decades there has been a rise in the availability of alternative and complementary medicine, and spiritual new age religions and therapies. Many High Streets, and online websites and magazine articles, display all kinds of offerings including acupuncture, homoeopathy, meditation, mindfulness, NLP and a range of other techniques, modalities or workshops. Given the rise of what is available to us, do we know how much of a difference these are actually making to our health and wellbeing?

Whilst the purpose of this article is not to do a full statistical/data analysis, in case you hadn’t noticed illness and disease continue to rise exponentially despite the rise in what has been on offer with complementary and alternative medicine and spiritual new age religions and therapies, as well as the advances in conventional medicine. For example:

“Over 95% of the world’s population has health problems, with over a third having more than five ailments.” (The Lancet 2015)[1]

“Lifestyle diseases, the world's biggest killer.” (Alison Caldwell 2011)[2]

“People living longer – but spending more time in poor health." (BJFM 2017)[3]

During the 1990’s I was what you might call a ‘spiritual new age tourist’ – I searched high and low, in this country and further afield, including meditating on the side of a mountain in Nepal, and meditating a few times a week for 10 years with Buddhist groups: I had countless sessions from a variety of modalities including acupuncture, aromatherapy massage, shiatsu, colour therapy, writing therapy and attended spiritual lectures and workshops including tarot card reading, I Ching, and shamanism. During that whole ten years the underlying anxiousness I felt, the utter exhaustion in my body and the long term medical conditions I had did not dissipate – everything in fact got worse, and I would be constantly wrapped up in my head with thoughts that spun me around.

Then one day 14 years ago a friend of mine invited me to go along to a workshop presented by Serge Benhayon, a Universal Medicine workshop.

On attending, I immediately felt something was different about this, and so I attended a few more workshops, presentations and courses with Serge Benhayon. Over the years of attending these, in fact in quite a short space of time, and through being inspired to make changes in my life in the way I was living, my health and wellbeing improved dramatically: the exhaustion dissipated, as did the anxiousness and the long-term medical conditions. This led me to consider that:

  • I had attended 100’s of alternative medicine/spiritual new age workshops and practitioners and spent £100’s for over 10 years and yet my health and wellbeing got worse, and then in a short space of time after attending Universal Medicine workshops and presentations for the first time in my life my health and wellbeing started changing for the better.

  • Before meeting Serge Benhayon I had never felt inspired to take a greater responsibility for my daily living choices and my health, and yet as soon as I met Serge I not only felt inspired to take care of my own health and wellbeing, my physical body somehow sprang into action and knew exactly what it needed – guiding me day by day.

  • From the moment I first attended a Universal Medicine workshop I stopped being a ‘spiritual new age tourist’ as I realised this was the real deal, and that I had come home to something far grander than anything else I had found.

I very quickly came to realise there is something very different about Serge Benhayon, Universal Medicine and the Esoteric Healing Modalities. So what is this difference?

First and foremost Serge Benhayon walks his talk, he lives everything and more that he presents, and when you are with Serge Benhayon at a Universal Medicine workshop you get to feel that you are part of something grander, something universal, and that the focus you had previously on being a small unit in a physical body isn’t all that we are – we are each universal, sparks of grand light, there is more to life than the eye can see and there are greater cycles of life at play.

Also, when you are with Serge Benhayon you feel purpose, commitment, dedication to life, and you understand that each of us has a part to play, equally so in the grander scheme of things. Nowhere else had I felt this level of responsibility except for when I attended Universal Medicine workshops and presentations.

You also feel that your whole body gets a healing simply from being in the same room as Serge Benhayon, and listening to him present. What I mean by a whole body healing is that every particle in the body receives the healing. Something ignites inside of you, the spark that was and is always deep within reignites your whole body like lights on a grid system, and the sparks of light in each particle also respond. And your body feels like it has come home as it instantly recognises itself, it knows its purpose, and it reminds you that it – your body – is very wise, and down to every single daily living choice it knows exactly what is needed. You simply need to listen to it. Never before had I felt my body ignite in this way, nor had I felt such a clear sense of purpose and a deep inner knowing of who I am. Up to that point I’d dragged my body around, giving no credence to the absolute wisdom that it is.

As well as this, you are treated with absolute equality. Serge Benhayon does not present from on high, or make himself to be a ‘guru’ – you immediately feel connected, held and cared for, deeply appreciated and honoured, even to the finer detail of the booking arrangements for the workshops and the customer service you receive from Universal Medicine, which is exemplary. From this you get to feel the quality Serge is in when you meet him is the same quality, consistently so, that is in every aspect of Universal Medicine, there are no holes, no secrets, no hidden buckets of rot – none – simply that same silky divine quality in every aspect.

So when I look back at my ‘spiritual new age tourism’ I now realise that I didn’t feel the integrity, authenticity, divinity, and absoluteness of purpose as I did when meeting Serge Benhayon. And none of those previous experiences benefitted my health and vitality, truly held me responsible for my own wellbeing, treated me as absolute equal, confirmed me as the grandness I truly am, or inspired me or my body to take a deep care of myself in every way.

So at the risk of generalising, my experience suggests to me that whilst we have many complementary medicine modalities, and many spiritual new age practices and courses, there is something about them that is not ‘hitting the mark’ because if they were, surely we may notice a reduction in the rise of illness and disease?

My own experience shows me loud and clear that so far, in my life, it is Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon that have inspired and supported the immense changes I have made to the way I am living, and to my health and wellbeing –– extraordinarily so, to the point that now I am no longer a statistic of poor health or long term medical conditions.


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