Self-love is the key – reversing the trend of dieting

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Self-love is the key – reversing the trend of dieting

Serge Benhayon’s first book “The Way It Is – A Treatise on Energetic Truth”, was published in 2006. This book covered a wide range of teachings; the subjects of food, diet and weight-loss made up only a few short paragraphs of over 400 pages of wisdom in that book.

Here, in this extract, Serge exposes the drive, comparison and futility of dieting, and offers ‘The Way”:

"The reversal of this trend will be those who will inspire not weight loss but vibrancy out of lightness-of-being. This they will do from the heart and not by preaching what to eat or not, for this will come automatically from within one's own body once the true light of the soul is felt. Self-love is the key, not dieting.

The right physical frame is a direction that naturally transcends from the inner-light as opposed to the outer force, which we are trying to keep out by bloating ourselves. The solution is to develop that inner-light, then, the animal will return to the body of essence and with it the lightness of being will restore the light of the soul to be and thus express so. Therefore, dieting is not a sustainable way of being because it is a drive that comes from an outer reflection and not an inner-pulse. The inner-impulse of the heart, which is only triggered by self-love and devotion, will naturally impulse the right body of expression for each individual and hence no comparison is required as each body will represent its own expressive framework. Note: This is not the mind convincing itself that it is natural to be this or that size or shape. It is an impulse that is driven by the expression itself to best serve and naturally be. Take this to heart."

Serge Benhayon The Way It Is – A Treatise on Energetic Truth, ed 2, p 207

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