The role of exhaustion in obesity

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The role of exhaustion in obesity

Have you ever considered that your consciousness, i.e. your perceptions and beliefs on life, can be draining you?

Never one to hold back where truth is concerned, world teacher, philosopher and presenter Serge Benhayon gets to the root of our current worldwide obesity crisis in this quote about the impact of the consciousness we choose to align to:

“The person who is in-line with [pranic] consciousness, which at present is the majority of the world population, will express according to how the belief systems within allow one to do so, but as one expresses, their life-force is slowly drained. This is of great importance and it owes to the fact that, as we express more and more in a soulful manner, the physical vehicle requires less and less sleep. It is the opposite in the pranic conscious sense and this can be seen in the world's growth for stimulants as more and more seek sugar through alcohol and other foods such as carbohydrates in order to sustain their tired bodies. The sad outcome of that is an over-bloated body which makes the individual denser and thus feel even more lethargic. We call this over-bloatedness – obesity.”

Serge Benhayon A Treatise on Consciousness, ed 1, p 227

The majority of people – who have not connected to the necessity to discern what energy is passing through them – are ensnared by the pranic consciousness and thus find their life-force is being constantly sapped and in their exhausted state they seek stimulants such as sugar to get through life.

The impact that this has on their bodies is a feeling of being bloated, which leads to weight gain and the current health crisis of an ever-expanding population and the many implications of obesity on the quality of individuals’ lives, as well as the cost of treating the many health related outcomes, e.g. an increase in diabetes, cancer and heart problems.

Thus it is not until we look at why we have an epidemic of exhaustion that we will find the key to unlock the burden of obesity on the people affected and society in general, which, in so many ways, is picking up the tab for our choices.

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