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The Livingness simply means You living You.

So what does it mean to live You?

For starters, it means Taking Care of You and, more deeply it means You Loving You.

The Livingness is simply you living at ease in your own skin, developing a knowing of yourself so that you are no longer swayed and driven by the outside world and its demands, rules and expectations. It is you living as you, fully, within the world’s systems – complying with what needs to be done, but never lessening yourself as a result of what needs to be done. Sound simple? It is!

  • The first step is to stop, to take a moment and connect – to simply re-connect, to the space that lives within us all – untouched by the outside world and its demands, unaffected by what goes on in our minds.
  • Reminding us that there is in fact nothing that we need or need to do – that it is entirely possible to simply BE who we naturally are.
  • From here, what is getting in the way – what doesn’t fit with the freedom of simply you being you – becomes obvious.

So what is your essence? How do you get to know it?

Listen to an audio by Serge Benhayon about getting to know your essence, how we would have to admit that we have come a long way from living in and from our essence, and then, exploring how it would actually feel if we lived in that essence all the time ...

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Returning to your essence

Getting to know your essence is about understanding your breath. When you choose to breathe the yumminess of your own breath you can begin to feel and live full of yourself without needing anything else.

Feeling yummy sounds so great, and it is something that we all would have to say we really do want.

So how do we get to feel that?

  • The key is through the breath.
  • Breathing gently is a very, very simple thing to do that can bring us straight back, in just a few minutes.
  • Give it a go with the Gentle Breath Meditation.

When we start to connect in this way, then we can begin to let go. Let go of all those beliefs about how we thought we HAD to act, how we HAD to be – and just be ourselves.

Here is a short excerpt of the song Let It Go from Glorious Music's The Glory of This Life, by Michael and Emmalee Benhayon.

And when we let go, what is left? Us!

What is left is US!

There are now many, many hundreds if not thousands of people who have made the choice to just be themselves.

Check out these snippets from people who live this way ... Feel how they used to be lost, driven by the world’s expectations and that now, they live as themselves, and as completely normal people within that world, but they are FULL – and their lives are FULL.

These people are not special. They are normal people – just like anyone else.

Living as you is simple ...

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