Who We Truly Are

The fact is – we are a whole lot more than physical life – and deep down, we do know this.

"We live in a reality that has a physical proof of things and yet, it is not our truth. It is forever an important key to remember, that whilst there is a seeming Earthly reality, deep within we know, that is, every single person deep within knows that this whole thing is not it and that we do deserve better because we know we come from a better place. The truth forever lives and it is always found in the inner-most of our hearts."

Serge Benhayon Esoteric & Exoteric Philosophy - 'The Sayings', page 183

Each and every one of us can choose to let go of the loveless mind – and live from the inner-most heart. An endless universe of love, joy, stillness and harmony await us – our true destiny, our true home.

'Free your mind from its paradigm. Don’t save it for another time.' Michael, Benhayon, Heaven Is In Your Eyes, Glorious Music