Psychotherapist Jean Gamble speaks about the treatment of mental health conditions

Psychotherapist Jean Gamble discusses some of the problems besetting the mental health industry. Jean explains how the focus on evidence-based practice can have a reductionist and limiting effect on the success of mental health treatments.

The current litigious attitude within our culture has infected the consciousness of medicine and mental health treatments and practitioners are trained to stay safe and avoid any blame or risk of failure. Unless the treatment is ‘proven’ and evidence-based – then the practitioner fears acting on the impulse that arises and this fear-based mentality limits the intuitive, creative healing capacity of the practitioner and restricts their showing up in the fullness of their hearts and souls.

How are we to engender full human-beingness in others when our own is so restricted by the current zeitgeist?

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    By Jean Gamble, Psychotherapist

    Jean works as a psychotherapist with individuals, couples, families, teenagers and children. She knows that when we can move past our layers of protection from hurt and we connect deeply with our innermost self we can have rich, satisfying and purposeful lives and relationships.