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What is the Science of Appreciation and how does it evolve all of our relationships?

Appreciation can be so much more than acknowledging how great what you or another does or achieves, as truly valuable as this is in itself. True appreciation plays a powerful part in evolving our relationships with others and ourselves.

"Appreciation is the ability to hold yourself as a presence with the world, with your family, your friends, with groups and then the world."

Serge Benhayon
  • Could appreciation be a way for women to deal with their lack of self-worth?
  • Or for men to deal with their rejection issues?
  • And how does appreciation open us up to letting people in, having intimacy with others and how does that intimacy then feed back to our ability to appreciate?

Following our article Appreciation In Relationships, we bring to you this audio by Serge Benhayon on the Science of Appreciation.

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The Science of Appreciation

True appreciation and intimacy work hand-in-hand in our evolution.

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