Life is religion. What does that mean?

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Life is religion. What does that mean?

For me life is religion. Yes, that’s right, my whole entire life is religion. There is not an aspect of my life that I do not consider to be part of religion.

How can this be, you might ask? I mean, I don’t look like the sort of person you would typically consider to be ‘religious’. I don’t go about wearing white socks with sandals, black robes, cover my face, wear a wig, or dress like a nun, and in fact I am the opposite: I’m stylish, markedly fashionable, well presented, attractive, vivacious and super down to earth! I don’t walk around talking about God, trying to convert people or persuading them that my beliefs are better. I just live my ordinary everyday life with everybody.

When we hear the word religion we often think Catholic Church, we think Muslims, we think Spanish Inquisition, we think, these days, child abuse and paedophilia, we think of churches, priests in strange garbs. We think of groups of people who live together or perhaps separate from society. We think of ‘going to church’ and ‘believing in things’ but keeping it on the whole separate from life. We think of dictates that must be followed, guilt if we have sinned, prohibitions on sex and sexuality, rigid customs and rituals that ‘must’ be observed, and groups that tear society apart through wars and conflict.

For me religion is none of those things.

For me religion is about my relationship with God, and myself in every living moment.

God is immanent, He is everywhere in everything, and thus He is in every moment. For me religion is living in my connection with God, in every moment to the best of my ability. Religion for me is ever deepening this connection within, honouring this connection and bringing all of this into every moment. Religion is not about me living in connection with God separate to everyone else, but my religion holds that all are equal, and all are held in God equally so, thus I cannot hold myself apart from another. Being in connection with God, means being in connection with all, and living in connection with another is to connect with God.

Religion for me is not a belief that I have or a place that I go to, but my religion is within. It is within my inner heart and it is with me wherever I go. My religion is truth. It is love. It is held in my sacredness as a woman and it is eminently my whole life.

For me religion is staying in connection in every moment, whether it be brushing my teeth, seeing a patient, buying clothes (yee haa!!), or sunglasses (something that I really love...), speaking with people, or being in communion with nature enjoying a spectacular sunrise. My religion is the love and care that I have in my heart for all people, which I am ever deepening, holding myself equal with all.

My religion is ever a deepening understanding of life, love and care and bringing that to all aspects of my life. I know that I am part of something greater, as are we all.

My religion is living in absolute integrity with respect, care, love and compassion for all. My religion is serving humanity, doing my best to help and support others, and living life in joy, forever deepening this.

My religion is my way of living, absolute in my dedication to and connection with God, held equal with all people, holding nobody less.

My religion is my way of living and in that for me science, philosophy and religion are all one, it all begins with God, with the connection within to our source from which all truth, love and true knowing springs.

Religion for me is not something I need to wear as a badge, or proselytise, or seek to convert others. Religion for me is respecting the beliefs and practices of others that they choose for themselves. I hold people in absolute respect. Rather for me religion is a loving way of living in connection bringing that to all aspects of life.

My religion has a name: it is called The Way of The Livingness, but it is not a group to belong to, or a group of people who by teachings consider themselves to be separate from or better than or different to anyone else.

It is nothing to be ‘recruited to’. It is a way of living that comes from within, living in connection in every moment. It is a way of living in connection with everybody in the world, no matter what we believe. It is universal. My home is in my heart and not a building or a book. And no fire can destroy the eternal flame within.

In my life I value God and truth and love above all else. For me these values are immanent and they are the foundation of society.

God is not above us, something to be worshipped and to be held to be unworthy of, but God is within us all, and thus there is no lack of worth to be considered. God is, and we are, as God is within us all.

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