Connection to self through conscious presence

"The mind is made to have activity, and be an active expression. If you can empty the mind, you are empty and that means you are not love. The mind is made to be thinking what you are doing and your body doing what you are thinking. But this must be all at one and the same time. This is the true meaning of conscious presence."

Serge Benhayon Esoteric Teachings & Revelations, p 417

As Conscious Presence is so important for all of us, we have provided two free audios this month and links to some free meditations as well.

When you connect to your body it is impossible to make decisions without consideration of the body as the more you connect the more you are able to understand your body and how it communicates with you. You will be amazed at what your body can and can’t do.

Developing conscious presence in meditation gives us a checkpoint or marker that we can refer to which supports us to see where and when we become distracted, disengaged or taken over by an event, situation, problem or activity, and in essence lose ourselves in either what we are doing or thinking.

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Connection to self through conscious presence

Connecting and listening to yourself and your body in every moment brings a perfect rhythm to everything you do.

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Mindfulness versus conscious presence

An explanation as to how mindfulness is a short term fix and why conscious presence is a stepping stone to developing a true quality of livingness.

The Unimed Living Meditation Sphere is a great resource for reading and listening to more on this subject:

  • here you will find free, short audio Gentle Breath Meditations™ on Presence

  • this link takes you to an article on Conscious Presence versus Mindfulness

  • and here you can find an article on using the Gentle Breath Meditation™ to develop Conscious Presence

This resource provides us with all the tools we need to make a highly beneficial difference to the quality of our life and it is all very simple and free!

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