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Michelle is a Universal Medicine Therapies practitioner and business owner of both her Inner-heart Healing Clinics in Sydney, who provides a supportive and nurturing environment for her clients, using a combination of Esoteric Healing and Connective Tissue Therapy.

Michelle’s sessions are powerful yet gentle, she facilitates a persons true healing by addressing the root energetic cause of any physical and emotional issues, offering her clients a safe space to deeply surrender and re-connect to the amazing lovable being they truly are.

  • Services: Esoteric Healing, Connective Tissue Therapy, Meditation, Energetic Facial Release

  • Accreditation: Level 2 Esoteric Healing, Level 3 Connective Tissue Therapy

Michelle assists clients to gain a greater awareness of limiting patterns and behaviours that bring the body into disharmony, this can manifest as tension, pain and discomfort. Gaining this understanding enables the client to let go of all that is not them.

From here there is the opportunity for the client to empower themselves to take responsibility for their own health so they can then make choices that support them in their own development of self-care. This inturn creates the ability to live a more balanced, joyful and harmonious life.

Michelle offers sessions in person or via Skype.

How to Book
For enquiries or to book an appointment please call or email Michelle.
Phone: +61 (0) 414 464 278
Michelle's Contact Page
Clinic: Suite 3, 442 Darling Street, Balmain, NSW 2042 & 16 Rose Avenue, Wheeler Heights, NSW 2041 (near Collaroy)