The deeply ancient way of learning together as a true community…

As a community there is much wisdom we can connect to as part of our education

The deeply ancient way of learning together as a true community…

The world at present reflects to us that learning about a topic area means that we are required to read a lot of authored literature – and develop our intellectual understanding of the content read. If we are able to articulate what we have read to demonstrate what is considered ‘understanding – then we are deemed to have ‘learned’ something ‘new’.

Learning as it is currently understood in all educational institutions of the world, is to be able to comprehend theory or literature intellectually and to show through verbal and written mediums that you understand it at levels deemed an acceptable ‘standard’.

These aspects of what the world recognises as learning have their place for now and are not something we need to 'escape' from. We simply need to understand them more – which then allows a space for us to dissolve judgment of the way things are. It is also an important reminder to us All – that we cannot pass judgment on current approaches to learning in the world, for it is we who have made it that way.

We learn deeply through what we experience in all facets of life as a human being in the world. True learning in its essence is embodied where it is naturally and consistently reflected in our daily movements in all that we live.

If we appreciate this basic premise of The Ageless Wisdom – then it is understood that learning about a topic area cannot simply be a process of regurgitating in written or verbal form what has been read from a book or journal article.

An essential part of understanding the essence of true learning is the gathering of people – working together with each other through true connection with themselves and all others around them: a true community.

It is always to be understood that we mean connection with the Soul as a basic foundation that allows this connection to translate into our relationships with everyone in our lives.

Another key aspect in the true ancient ways of learning is observational learning of ourselves, others and life in all contexts. The more we allow this natural ability that beholds us All equally, the more we accelerate a return to who we all truly are. Through observational learning we bring understanding to all that is presented to us in life – and thus deepen our connection to the true wisdom within each of us.

Teachers and scholars throughout our world history have brought this way of learning to all they worked with, where it was understood that we are already everything first, and any form of teaching and learning experience was to simply confirm this fact –– rather than defining teaching and learning pathways as something that gives you 'worth’ and/or 'value' as a person to be in the world. A few obvious historical teachers who brought this way were Pythagoras and Socrates, who both held connection with themselves as a first foundational premise, knowing this was required in order to support people they worked with to develop and evolve as students – and ultimately as people living in our world society.

In terms of learning approaches, it is essential to appreciate here that true learning does not negate or diminish processes and practices that currently exist within our temporal educational institutions. For indeed there are processes that we can joyfully work with – if we respect and understand their place in this world we live and move in. What we are saying here in essence is that we are returning to a deeply true and ancient way of learning for us All . . . a way that has its foundations in love, equality and our relationship with God and each other. This is the way of true learning.

As previously highlighted, this deeply ancient way of learning has been practised throughout the ages and is continuing to this day – where it is being practised by Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine, and has been since 1999. Such a learning model, indeed once again, offers much to the world given its natural inclusiveness and practical lived application.

This deep premise of inclusion renders naught any opposition to current learning models that are in educational institutions of today. Ultimately, this ancient learning model works with all other approaches to learning – where there is an equal partnership to be embraced that truly benefits us All . . .

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  • By Rachel Lynwood, BA (Philosophy & Sociology) (UNSW), BA (Hons) (SCU), MEd (UTS)

    Rachel has many years of experience working in the higher education sector and in community engagement. Rachel’s interests include but are not limited to, people, life and relationships with All.

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