There is much more to the meaning of food than simply ‘nutrition’, or as covered by others, ‘food for entertainment’ or ‘reward’. So much of our lives ride on what we eat, what we don’t eat, how much we eat and how often we eat. So much of our health and mental health systems and budgets are heavily weighed down due to the abuse of food by people.

There are countless books and websites covering food and its many aspects. Few if any of these are likely to cover our state of being.

So much of our relationship with food is via our taste, smell and sight senses. The most important sense, our 6th sense has, over the centuries, been neglected – what other animal would reduce the all-important 6th sense to second class? How did we get into a situation where we need to be told what to eat or educated on eating – we need to trust our inner senses and feel into what we will eat.

Food alone is never the culprit – it is always our state of being that must carry the responsibility.

Once we make it a food issue, we are burying the true issue.

We can blame the processed food industry, denigrate the fast food industry and moan about the food price comparatives as much as we like – but it always comes down to our choices and those choices always come down to what is going on for us emotionally and energetically.

Our relationship with food is to support a deeper understanding and to empower us within life and on our evolutionary journey.

The quality of our relationship with food will come from the way we live – we call that The Livingness. Food can never be considered in isolation – it is part of the entire package of the way we live and evolve. The body is a vehicle of expression and when we feed it, we are feeding that expression that emanates to all around us.

Thus, presented here, is Food like it has never been presented before, as inspired by the teachings of The Ageless Wisdom delivered to the world by Serge Benhayon.


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Educated food choices – become your own physician!