Men's Health

Men face many pressures and stresses every day and none more so than the pressure to conform to a certain model of living and the expectations that are placed on being a man in the world today.

This website will explore facets of daily life that can affect men’s health, including diet, sleep, exercise, work and relationships as well as many other topics and will build on the themes of self-care – learning to truly care for ourselves at a deeper level and in that being self-empowered to support our personal health and wellbeing free of the ideals and beliefs of what we are told it is to be a man or be manly.

By connecting to the inmost part of who we are, we are able to tap into an innate wisdom that allows us to know how to truly care for ourselves free of needing to be told what to do or how we should do this.

What it means for men’s health when men display their sensitivity. 	 - thumbnail version

Sensitivity – are men risking their health by dismissing their greatest strength?