Yoga in its true essence has always been synonymous with a practice and way of being that is simply about union – union with our soul.

Esoteric Yoga is a modality that returns us to the truth of yoga (union), simply and practically offering us the opportunity to re-connect to ourselves through our relationship with our physical body. It is through our body that the light and love of our soul is known and expressed. The key to this relationship is our reconnection to the quality of stillness that naturally resides within us all. Esoteric Yoga is the Yoga of Stillness.

Stillness is something that is not ‘commonplace’ in the way we live our lives today. Many have become accustomed to and familiar with feelings of stress, anxiety, disharmony and tension that these are now accepted as normal ways of being. In stillness however, we are reminded that there is a deeply beautiful, spacious and rejuvenating quality that is always accessible and that can indeed be our ‘norm’. When we re-connect with the energy of stillness we re-introduce an ancient way of being and living in harmony with ourselves and with all others, into our everyday lives.

Esoteric Yoga presents a practical and simple approach to living in stillness once again.

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Esoteric Yoga – yoga for our world today

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Is your yoga practice leaving you empty?