The key to meditation is developing connection, and nothing more than that. If you use meditation to determine the quality of your energetic state of being you will have eliminated every external influence that can affect you.

When meditation is used as a technique for connection, for understanding the state you are in and as a marker for the energetic quality you choose to be – the way you live your life (the quality of your livingness) delivers all the truth and clarity you need.

The meditations offered here are simple and supportive. They are about developing your quality of gentleness through the loving discipline of dedicating five to ten minutes to yourself. It starts with breathing your own gentle breath – enjoy!

There is much more on offer by way of articles exploring energetic quality, the innate essence within us all and the importance of presence along with an extensive library of free short instructional meditations – all designed to support your everyday life.

Our breath as a tool of connection - thumbnail version

Our breath as a tool of connection