Natalie Benhayon

Natalie Benhayon is a remarkable young woman of the world. Natalie works full time as a Complementary Health Practitioner, is a pioneer for Women’s Health presenting both nationally and internationally, the creator of the Our Cycles App, editor in chief of the magazine “Women in Livingness”, director of the Esoteric Practitioners association and College of Universal Medicine charity, founder of Sacred Movement and has directed and starred in several video projects. Natalie is a testimony that we too can access all there is when we live in deep connection with our body and soul reflecting that this is available to all of us.

Renowned for her simplicity and down-to-earth personality, what is of key interest about Natalie’s success is it's reflection as a living testimony, this success is something we all can bring forth in our lives breaking the boundaries beyond the typical stereo-typed parameters we are set up to believe. Never initiating new ventures with a doubt in mind is not a born talent or gift, as Natalie often presents, it is achieved when we live in deep connection with our body and soul, the living way that is the hallmark inspiration of all that Unimed Living shares.

Natalie carries a wisdom and strength beyond her years with an exuberance, freshness and playfulness that takes full advantage of life. Her confidence, love of people and dedication to supporting all to evolve makes her not only an inspiration but a true role model to women and men of all ages.

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The magic of practicality