Unimed Living brings together experts in fitness and wellbeing to share their personal and professional experience of an evolutionary way to exercise, one that is sustainable, that is deeply supportive to the body, feels amazing and is accessible to everyone.

We live in an age where the majority are either exercising too little or too much. While obesity has become our new normal on the other end of the spectrum others are exercising to such extremes that they are inflicting harm on the body. Exercise has become a drug– used both for the injection of endorphins and for the rush of achieving evermore ‘instagram-worthy’ abs.

Meanwhile the term gym-junkie has become more than a casual descriptor, it denotes an actual issue with Bigorexia now a real body image and health concern for young men.

And yet there is so much more to exercise than what is currently being seen and experienced everyday in training sessions around the world.

Exercise can be healing, connecting, intense, gentle and incredibly supportive in every aspect of our lives and wellbeing. This is achieved by developing a relationship with ourselves through our body which in turn can deepen communication, connection, stillness, wisdom, vitality and health.

Unimed Living shines the light on often unquestioned ideals and beliefs around exercise that may not be all that they present to be. In addition, it is an open sharing that offers understanding on how exercise can be, how it can feel and what it can look like. Videos, audios and tips are shared throughout which suit every health and fitness level, supporting people back to truly enjoying exercise, movement and their own bodies.

What is Exercising in Connection? - thumbnail version

What is exercising in connection?