Mental Health

Mental Health is a rising concern in today’s society.

  • Depression is predicted by World Health Organization to be one of the world’s largest health problems by 2020, along with the continued rise in mental health diagnosis becoming an expected and accepted norm!

  • Today we have the highest levels of qualified professionals working in the field than ever before along with an endless supply of well researched treatments ... yet the increase is still occurring. Now that’s CONCERNING!!!

Is it worth considering that society’s current approach is not working? Is it possible that we must start looking for another way? ... or could we be so bold as to introduce ... it is our responsibility as mental health professionals and as a society to look for and present another way!

We will introduce articles, videos and clips that explore and introduce a new way forward for mental health. Subjects such as symptoms, stigma, recovery and the concerns and challenges facing mental health practitioners will be presented with a fresh approach that challenges the current trends and offers a new way forward!**

Right and Wrong is a one-way road that gets us nowhere.  - thumbnail version

The fallacy of right