The Way of The Livingness

You can read and study with a great many teachers and philosophers, from Zarathustra to Buddha, Muhammad and Jesus, right down into the current era and Serge Benhayon, however you will not know the truth until you follow in their footsteps and live what they have lived as it is a way of life, a set of movements that gives you access to truth, and not the size of your brain and the capacity to comprehend and memorise.

Hence The Way of The Livingness can and will deliver us to truth. Not an outside truth that you have to believe or accept or memorise, but an inner truth that lives within your very heart – a truth that is in your every breath, your every step, your every movement; a truth that nobody can rob you of as it is so innately yours that it can never be parted from you.

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The Lifesaver

“To truly know who one is, is as simple as breathing the right breath.
To make life the truth of who you are is a process that begins first with the re-connecting to your inner-most. It is then a series of developmental and unfolding steps that set-about to re-imprint your life thereafter. At first, it appears to not be so easy but, the most wondrous revelation in the early period, is to discover how we avoid simplicity. This and many other revelatory discoveries await us if we but choose to stop and call it as it truly is.

May be, there is a way, and that way may just be the Way of the Livingness.”

Esoteric Teachings & Revelations, page 507
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