The Ageless Wisdom

The Ageless Wisdom is a body of living wisdom.

Accessible to all equally, it is the living source from which Jesus, Mohammed, Siddharta Gautama and countless known and unknown men and women who have come before us on the path of return, have drawn and to which they in turn have added by the quality of their lived way, who by their love and steadfastness in holding to this way, remind us that we are all forever part of a stupendous partnership between heaven and earth, infinitely greater than this third dimensional plane can ever be on its own.

Our every advance in civilization, our every evolutionary impulse, our every inspiration that is an expression of who we are in our fullness, finds its source in the Ageless Wisdom. From the same source that we all are from, the Ageless Wisdom is confirmation of where we are from, but not merely this. It is a confirmation of our way forward, our future calling each of us on, in alignment with who we always were in our divine essence – an expression of where we all are going, impulsed by universal purpose and Divine Will waiting to be embodied and lived again, and in this way expand the body of wisdom that it is – the ever resonating pulse of something that every one of us has known once but walked away from a long, long time ago, and to which we are all drawn to return, each in our own time, our destiny awaiting us with the inevitability of the stars.

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The Lineage of the Ageless Wisdom is always with us  - thumbnail version

The Lineage of the Ageless Wisdom is always with us

"Once the student becomes aware of the Ageless Wisdom as a living fact,
 either directly through their own inner-connection or through the trusted study of its true teachers, there is a coveted stimulus, as the student becomes aware that the Ageless Wisdom itself comes from a body of life that they also come from.

It is this very Divine and thus immutable principle that all students
 of the Esoteric School must heed most, for it is your work being re-revealed to you that you are actually participating in."

Serge Benhayon Esoteric & Exoteric Philosophy, p 306