The Unimed Living Women’s Sphere is a platform dedicated to breaking age-old myths and misinterpretations of what it means to be and live as a true woman in today’s world. It is a call to the Universal Woman in all women, providing an inspiring, awareness raising avenue for women to re-connect to and express the wisdom we innately are. Along with an ever growing body of expression from a diverse range of women choosing to live and express increasingly from this unified truth, we include the latest statistics on global women’s health, articles, video conversations, interviews and sound bites ... on topics that inspire discussion beyond the site and into the office, classroom, bedroom, playground and around the dinner table.

Irrespective of age, body shape, skin colour, nationality, religion, diet, breast size, number of children, sexuality, frequency or absence of menstruation, state of health, state of mind or degree of self acceptance, our baseline understanding is that no woman ever loses the ability to connect to an inner-knowing that reveals how deeply precious, profoundly tender and yet immensely powerful we actually are.

Enjoy the articles, audios and videos that follow, they are published for both men and women to connect with in order to know women in truth, in appreciation and all that women are, in full.

The ramifications of rape and sexual assault: a first-hand account - thumbnail version

The ramifications of rape and sexual assault: a first-hand account