Before and After

As the transformation of people’s lives, bodies and well-being more accurately reflects who they are – this is shared and celebrated through the Before and After Project.

We have put together a selection of personal pictorial Before & After stories that demonstrate the unmistakable difference between living before and after reconnecting to the simplicity and joy of the Livingness. You will be amazed at the difference … these stories capture living miracles.

Look out especially for the transformation in the look in their eyes and be prepared to recognise something that is totally possible, very simple and comes wholly from within! These inspirational stories will make it real - it is entirely possible to discard the many burdens we carry that mask our truly beautiful selves…

People from different walks of life tell their personal unfolding stories through images. From the effects of the struggle; to live up to, or in reaction to, the pressures of the outside world; through to the freedom to simply be themselves.

Transforming the withdrawal from the traumas of life to a vibrant enthusiasm for life.

Showing the warmth and clarity that was there in childhood, let go of along the way, and regained in full. See for yourself that the livingness is a quality that comes from within; that it is undeniably possible to return to living with natural vitality, presence and a joyful freedom.

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