Human Relationships: Let’s Make Them About Love.

As individuals living in a world of more than seven billion people, one thing we cannot escape from is being in Relationship with one another – our human relationships. Every day we are faced with many opportunities to relate to each other: as individuals, in groups, teams, families and as a whole community.

Being in relationship is an essential part of our everyday life, and yet, if we looked at the way our Relationships are across our world, we would have to say … "There is room for improvement".

We could also say it is very apparent that what everyone is looking for equally, is love; and to share this love in our Relationships.

Although not everyone might admit this – love is fundamental to being human. We can all identify with feeling sad and hurt over the breakdown of Relationships in marriages, between friends, with work colleagues, in families and in communities.

Breakdowns occur for many reasons including, rivalry, competition, jealousy and on a bigger scale racism, sexism, homophobia, poverty, injustice, abuse and ultimately when countries go to war.

This disharmony affects us all equally and individually.

If EVERY ONE of us were to consider that we are one part of the seven billion, we would feel the equal responsibility that we all share in the future of humanity.

To achieve a way of living together in harmony, we first need to develop and nurture a loving Relationship with ourselves, because how we are affects all that we do, all that we are, and everyone we 'relate' to.

If we could develop such a loving and respectful relationship with ourselves, imagine then how we would relate to our friend, family member, colleague, partner, child, shopkeeper and everyone else … It is definitely worth some consideration, and that is what this sphere is ALL about: our human relationships, and to live, relate and develop love in all of them.

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