In this day and age we have seen every fad under the sun touted to achieve vitality and wellbeing. Super-foods, best ever diets, intense exercise, calming exercise, and yet stress levels, depression and obesity are at record highs.

Enter Self-Care, a way of living that puts the care of your-self at the centre of all that you do each day. Self-care makes no claims of overnight transformations but is instead an ongoing process that pays full attention to the quality in which you are living. Through choosing to make even small changes in your life, you develop your own version of self-care and you will build a new, natural way of being that turns your past way of living on its head.

Self-care has a profound effect on the quality of your life. Although it includes exercise, eating well, getting a good night's sleep, as well as the way you relate to your-self and others, to leave it there is only telling a tiny part of the story.

Self-care is about being connected with you while you do all you do.

In every moment you have an opportunity to self-care; it’s not something reserved for a special day, it’s the everydayness of confirming how awesome you are.

Current ‘self-care’ fads – do they really work? - thumbnail version

Current ‘self-care’ fads – do they really work?