The word science comes from the Latin ‘to know’ which can also mean ‘to cut or to split’, and therein lies a tale… of how true science, which was a living body of wisdom that incorporated religion and philosophy equally, has come to be reduced to the evidence-based science we defer to today….

This version of science has become our new religion. We look to it for solutions to rescue us from the world we find ourselves in today, the mess of our own creation. Science has become devoid of the greater context of life and has deliberately excluded the religion and philosophy which make it an integral whole, but the greatest scientists throughout history were also deeply religious and great philosophers, often with little or no formal education.

Science is now reduced to an industry that has become market driven (e.g. universities, big business, education systems and entertainment) so that the production line of research benefits mostly those who invest in its systems, not humanity as a whole. Some may argue that this is necessary for progress but in recent years there has been growing disquiet in the revelation that the majority of research results are likely to be false anyway. So why are we spending vast sums of money, with people dedicating years of their lives chasing the holy grail of the next ‘discovery’ using a flawed system that continues to fail to deliver?

We are relying on and championing scientific knowledge obtained using the human intellect operating in a vacuum, driven by a mind that is absent of heart, ignoring our innate universality and our inherent connection to something much greater than our mere physicality. We have more people with university degrees than at any time in history and yet we as a species are still failing to address the most challenging issues in history such as climate change, political instability, war, human trafficking and slavery, cyber bullying, the epidemics of exhaustion, mental illness and non-communicable diseases such as obesity, diabetes and cancer.

The Science Sphere is dedicated to exploring ‘the what is’ as well as ‘the what is not’ of science. Read on if you dare to discover that there is more to science than you currently think you know!

Consciousness: breaking the human paradigm - thumbnail version

Consciousness; breaking the human paradigm