Serge Benhayon

After more than 15 years service in complementary healing, Serge Benhayon has thousands of people to testify to the deeply profound healing benefits and life changing impact that has come from their experience with him – and he is as tirelessly committed and dedicated as ever. An extra-ordinary story. Read on to find out what was behind Serge’s awakened re-connection to Soul and you will start to see the inspirational real life impact that has occurred from just one man’s choice to re-connect to Truth and to share it with all.

Serge Benhayon‘s love for and service to humanity is unique. A philosopher who walks his talk, he dedicates his life presenting to humanity that there is a true way to live. Now known as the ‘healer’s’ healer he does this in a myriad of ways. As you will see from the Unimed Living website his teachings cover the interconnectedness of philosophy, science, religion, health and wellbeing through workshops, books, audios and presentations. He inspires us all to live a quality of life so that we too can re-connect to our own innate wisdom.

  • Serge Benhayon has been teaching the Ageless Wisdom, making it accessible, practical and comprehendible throughout his many teachings, presentations and writings since 1999
  • Since then he has pioneered no less than seven healing modalities which are practised worldwide, promoting and benefitting true health and well-being
  • Serge Benhayon is the author of 27 published books with several others currently in the editing process
  • He is the innovator of several healing products
  • His work ethics, his teachings and his dedication to humanity are now the inspiration to a large international group of people
  • He is a consultant to large corporate businesses and works closely with a large and varied group of sole traders and professionals consulting on better servicing their communities
  • Serge volunteers his time freely to many community projects across a wide range of topics and encourages others to also give back in their field of service.

Serge is a multi-dimensional and multi-faceted man who has demonstrated that we need not hold back from the Divine aspects within us. He encourages all to claim and express from their inner-knowing and presents that to discount one's innateness is not a healthy way to live.

Serge Benhayon’s integrity as a practitioner is unsurpassed. Dedicating his life to serving humanity he delivers ground breaking complementary health-care and a way of living that serves all equally. Serge is a man whose wisdom and understanding encompasses human existence in its entirety.


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