We encourage you to be playful and light in the kitchen whilst further developing your relationship with food, and to take these food recipes as your guiding light but not a scripture that’s set in stone. We are all forever evolving and in that evolution our awareness, needs, desires, and tastes change. Staying attuned to those changes makes us the master chefs of our own creation, in our own right, and in our own kitchen.

Recipes provide a source of inspiration, especially when we set out on a path of exploring new foods and a way of eating that is different to that which we have been accustomed to. However, it is important that we see and deeply feel our relationship with food beyond recipes and in a much grander picture. Recipes ought to serve (pun intended!!) to inspire us to deepen our own relationship with food – including how and what we think of food, our approach to cooking and even our attitude to shopping for recipes.

**- The needs of our bodies change according to what is going on in our lives, how we are developing and our physical activity – this can change from day to day: what we choose to eat can either support or not

  • No particular recipe that is considered a ‘healthy recipe’ is necessarily healthy for an individual if the body that consumes it is not in agreement and alignment with it, and the ingredients in it!

  • The recipes here are tuned in a similar manner that we tune into a radio station; removing crackling and interference so as to hear clear messages from a source – in this case the source being our body, the recipient of the food.**

Herein lies the absolute uniqueness of this site – a recipe section filled with living experiences and wisdom from each contributor; dedicated to bringing simple, accessible, fun, tasty, easy recipes and food combinations to please many palates and a variety of plates.

Most of all, these recipes are dedicated to supporting you in deepening the relationship and connection with your own body and finding your way to cooking and eating with ease and in harmony with your body’s true needs.

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Crab cakes