The state of education

What is the real state of education today?

Associate Professor Rachel Lynwood and Michael Benhayon explore the reality of education for students, teachers and scholars. From primary school through to university, education is governed by a consciousness, a way of thinking and behaving, that profoundly affects us all, even those of us who no longer have direct contact with the system.

Rachel and Michael explore this crucial subject in depth, and offer an approach to education based on the teachings of the philosopher Serge Benhayon.

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The state of education

Interview with Rachel Mascord.

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  • By Michael Benhayon

  • By Rachel Lynwood, BA (Philosophy & Sociology) (UNSW), BA (Hons) (SCU), MEd (UTS)

    Rachel has many years of experience working in the higher education sector and in community engagement. Rachel’s interests include but are not limited to, people, life and relationships with All.

  • By Dr Rachel Mascord, Dentist

    Dentist and business owner. I have a very practical hand on life and a keen eye for observation of the workings of human life.