Road Gloria – A Dip into the Blue Ocean

Road Gloria – A Dip into the Blue Ocean

This novel by Joel Levin was inspired by a song of the same name. The song talks about the road that we are all on and the various twists and turns that life can take, and the ultimate choice we all have of the quality of life that we live.

The book follows the life of Margaret, who on the surface leads a ‘quality’ of life that many would aspire to but finds herself stuck in life and in a marriage that is not living up to its fairy tale beginnings. The real quality it seems is not measured by how things look. Margaret is introduced to the Ageless Wisdom by an old school friend and begins to explore the difference between putting effort into creating the perfect picture of a life and allowing life to become a ‘livingness’, an expression of our connection to our soul. Quality, it turns out, starts and finishes with this connection.

The story explores marriage, friendships and parenting, and how these relationships change when we explore a deeper relationship with ourselves.

But this story is not just about Margaret, it is about everyone. We are all on this Road Gloria and we are all faced with these same choices each and every day.

This modern parable brings practicality to the Ageless Wisdom, as Margaret rediscovers some key principles and then applies them to her life. Many will recognise their own story in her story, if not the specific experiences, the pictures, expectations, issues, beliefs and principles that she grapples with.

  • What happens to a marriage when one of the couple wants to share a different and deeper form of love than the one that the relationship was founded on?
  • How do friends react when your life becomes more vital and joyful?
  • Is it really possible that there is more to life than the day to day conundrum?

Road Gloria invites you to take a dip in the blue ocean, the consciousness of the soul, and asks – What ocean do you swim in?

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  • By Joel Levin

    People and groups is where it is at for me, the way we work together (or not), it’s what I do for a living and what I do for a hobby, in essence it’s my everyday.