Freedom of religion, it's no crime: 21st century persecution

Hate by any other name?

Freedom of religion, it's no crime: 21st century persecution

By way of introduction:

We live in uncertain times; the world is beset with fear and doubt. People are pitched against their brothers in the name of country, race and religious doctrine. No different today than at any recorded point in our long and bloody history … and yet at the very heart of every one of us lies the unmistakeable yearning for brotherhood.

Today there is a movement underway, a resurgence answering the eternal call to brotherhood and in that, to the only true freedom we have, the freedom of responsibility (energetic responsibility – for thought, action and intention). This movement is marked by The Way of The Livingness, its founder Serge Benhayon and all those who live its principles.

In opposition to the current phase of the outpouring of the Ageless Wisdom (as always), there is another movement – predictably seeking to obscure and destroy it through deliberate misrepresentation. As such it is imperative we record it as it happens… in the name of truth.

It’s 2016 (at the time of writing) and in today’s developed world, which I inhabit, acceptance of the gamut of religious and spiritual values practiced by either the few or the many is the norm, upheld by local and International laws that are observed in Western democratic nations. The co-existence of religious and spiritual practices is one of the very definitions of civilized society.

I have my own religious and spiritual beliefs; principles that form my living and interactive values – not noteworthy in and of itself – all of humanity do too. This is at the foundation of how we interact as a human race.

We all believe and/or hold deeply a knowing in something that provides a framework, which determines our relationship with the meaning and purpose of life – whether it be religious, philosophical, spiritual or temporal in its approach.

My personal religious and philosophical beliefs and experienced understandings are founded in The Way of The Livingness and include:

  • A greater power in Sanat Kumara (God) as the beholder of humanity
  • That we are comprised of body, spirit and soul
  • Soul being the oneness that we all belong and will return to
  • Spirit being a reduction of that oneness
  • Evolution through brotherhood being the path of return to our natural and inherent divinity
  • Karma representing the responsibility for our every thought and action
  • Akasha representing the responsibility for our every intention
  • Reincarnation – the wheel of rebirth through which we experience our path of return, lovingly assisted by karma and akasha
  • The Ascended Masters, our equal brothers who have walked further along the path of return
  • Angels, monads, incarnate and discarnate entities
  • Life as energy before form and function
  • Livingness – the quality of energy in which I walk the temporal path of return
  • The Ageless Wisdom – the body of work that historically represents all of the above from the first forays into human life until today

Whilst aspects may differ or even appear in opposition to the beliefs of others – they contain a similar vein found in all religion and philosophy – identifying the purpose of life, that there is more than 3-dimensional existence, responsibility, veneration to a divine power and so on.

Hardly cause for alarm. And yet …

Today and always, as is recorded historically as the cyclical and eternal case, there are pogroms, attacks and pillorying of those who choose to practice their particular religious beliefs, especially those who participate in what are described as religious minorities.

There is a group of individuals who are conducting a campaign dedicated to inciting hatred, alienation and vilification against all those who choose to practice The Way of The Livingness as their way.

It is essential that we document this current concerted attack on the Ageless Wisdom and those who represent it, for the crime against humanity that it is. Again we are called to state our truth, to take the stand once more for freedom of religious and philosophical beliefs, human decency and respect, and for the call to brotherhood of the human race.

This particular campaign is well documented in the media and online – where modern day ‘witch-hunts’ are largely carried out. The pogrom (call it what it is) uses inflammatory and divisive tactics and incendiary terms that are designed to set the wider community against this particular group.

Terms such as cult, indoctrination, bizarre, sexual predator, sexual abuse, molester, brainwashing, messiah figure, cult recruitment drives, misandry, misogyny, bigotry, sexism (and so on) are attributed to members of the group. Their personal and professional standings are attacked, they are stalked and abused – online and also offline in their businesses, homes and lives.

People’s workplaces are approached in the guise of warning and support. Where are these perpetrators attempting to go with this activity?

All this and much more is being undertaken by certain individuals who have errantly claimed the right to sit as judge and jury (perhaps even executioner in their dreams) on the inalienable right to religious and philosophical beliefs – posturing themselves as cult busters and health advocates in the name of protecting society against the dangers they have themselves invented.

Smacks of persecution?

Indeed, it does and it is – and should it go unchecked or unrecorded where might it be designed to escalate to? Take a look at history, centuries of fear and hate inciting, the resulting persecution and the ensuing wars offer the signposts. We need look no further than the genocide of Jewish people during World War II to understand what may occur when hatred goes unchecked and unreported. This is but one example amongst the too many, in which we have failed to learn in the endless cycles of hatred that have blighted human history.

We are taking a stand – we will not be painted as pariahs, as risks to society or in any false light by the hands of others. There is in fact a story here – one without hearsay – which will be told. It is the story of love, compassion inspiration and truth; the story of personal responsibility, community values, acceptance and so much more!

Stay tuned …

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