Time, Space and all of us, Book 3 – all of us

We are one humanity and there is only one truth and not many of them.

Time, Space and all of us, Book 3 – all of us

In short, a masterpiece of true sociology this is, on 902 pages. And well ahead of its time, by our collective choices as the one humanity that we are and not by any other necessity, decree or command. Over and out.

You would like to know more? I can’t blame you, so would I.

Based on the (obvious) premise that we are a one humanity, whether we behave like that or not – (and just in case you have any doubts: we bleed the same when we have been cut, regardless of skin colour, creed or ideology; we feel the same when we have been hurt, regardless of the seeming impenetrability of our fortified defences; we all come into this world and we all die or pass over, and again, regardless of our beliefs, fears, needs or images) – it makes sense to address our commonality because, as it turns out, we have much more in common than all the wars, cruelty, abuse, violence, denigration and disregard, past and present, might suggest.

What makes us all of us are several factors:

  • We all have a spirit and a Soul and, while in incarnation, a physical body
  • We all align to one of the two available consciousnesses (see Book 2: A Treatise on Consciousness)
  • We live life after life after life until we have undone, re-imprinted and made fiery our previous loveless choices
  • We are more than human

And again, this is it – whether we like it or not, spit the dummy, throw a tantrum, escalate, leave our baseline, it matters not. Life is very very simple, despite and in the face of our addiction to complication, confusion, befuddlement, angst and obfuscation. No triple blind or randomised trials needed; for a change, we get to spend that money on something worthwhile, seeing that our body and its lived science give us all the clues we will ever need.

Besides, all we ever need or want to know is found within – the way out of the mess, whether personal or global; the way out is the way in, the connection to our inner-most, our essence, our true nature and make-up. No marching for peace, no hugging of trees, no waving of placards have ever or will ever truly change what we so abhor with every fibre of our body: the abomination of daily life, as splayed across the media and news channels if not experienced in one’s personal life, should you live in one of those truly devastated pockets on this globe and not in the ’better’ quarters with their thick pastiche of riches, privilege and status, to mention just a few of the spoils on offer.

Like it or not, deny it or not – it is a sordid state that humanity, all of us, find ourselves in, no matter the shrill fanfares, confetti and garish masquerade. The rich and famous often have devastating private lives, suffer the same illnesses and diseases that ravage the body, succumb to the same pacifiers and addictions. Gold-gilded barely covers the rot inside.

So, what else unites us other than that we are by composition all the same?

We are united in the way we stubbornly keep repeating what has not ever worked, does not work and will not ever work.

We are united in the way we fall for betterment and solutions; united in the way we fix one bit only to witness other bits deteriorating and disintegrating under our very eyes.

We are united in our stubborn denial of reality, in our elected inability to really see what is going on.

We are united in our need for distraction, numbing devices, caffeine and whatever takes our fancy and as long as it takes us far enough away from how it all really feels.

We are united in our apathy and given-upness and especially in our addiction to ‘good’ and ‘better’ over the truth.

TRUTH … so, what is that truth? Aren’t there many truths? Yours and mine and his and hers, ours and theirs and my dog’s truth as well?

Actually, this is not so – there is one Truth, the one we all know deep inside, the one that truly unites and harks back to our origins (more than human, remember?) and the one that, because in truth we know better deep inside, keeps us longing for more and keeps us going albeit defiantly in the wrong direction and, as always and under the auspices of free will, by virtue of our very own choices.

And thus, this book invites all of us to take a breather, stop chasing our tail and take stock. Truly take stock, no holds barred and no blinkers in sight. The Table of Contemplation in An Open Letter to Humanity made the start and offered a way in, and all of us, the third book in the trilogy ‘Time, Space and all of us’, takes us further and really rubs our nose in the muck of our own making, like a puppy that defecates on the carpet inside the house.

Is it time yet to stop soiling our abode, the body and the world we live in with our deeds, thoughts, intentions and emotions, or have we not yet had enough?

Is it time to take the dummy out and no longer fall for the seduction of the forces that be and have it over us?

And this is not any conspiracy theory, this is the way it is and has always been – we live in a world with two planes, the human and the spirit plane and as long as we choose to be blind to what is really going on, our state of unsettlement and perennial unease shall prevail.

The choice is always ours – yours and mine and everybody’s. And the dog will feel it too.

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  • By Gabriele Conrad, Editor

    Working as an editor of Serge Benhayon’s as well as other books and material – when I am not at my ‘day job’ – is a huge and very rewarding part of the amazing way I now live thanks to The Way of The Livingness.

  • Photography: Clayton Lloyd