The Double Slit Experiment and what it means for all of us

The Double Slit Experiment and what it means for all of us

The Double Slit Experiment and what it means for all of us

Have you ever heard of the Double Slit Experiment? Whether you have or not, are you curious to know what it is and what it means for all of us?

The double slit experiment is a landmark in quantum physics that most of us don’t know much about or really understand. We definitely don’t relate it to daily life. However, it offers us the truth of everything about life and the eternal dilemma we live in, if we are willing to open up to it. And this means seeing things as they truly are, not just as we would like them to be.

Basically, in the double slit experiment we shine light through two slits and the pattern that comes out the other side tells us if light is a wave or a particle. But guess what? The result we get is determined by whether we looked at it or not! Yes, it sounds crazy. But it’s been done so many times over with the same result, that scientists have had to accept that it’s our own conscious involvement that creates the result, the material reality we see.

The experiment shows us that the world is not a separate ‘thing out there’ but something we are intimately a part of and even in control of. It is certainly something we affect, by seeing it through our own beliefs and projections. By looking, expecting to see what we believe we will see, i.e. a solid reality of separate particles, that is indeed what we see! We have reduced the spacious, interconnected world of energy waves to a denser world of separate particles. But if the experiment is allowed to take place without our conscious interference, the light behaves as the spacious waves of vibration that it truly is.

The double slit experiment shows us that the way we see the world creates the world we live in, and the way we live in it.

Double slits & the eyes

How could this situation come about, and what does it have to do with our eyes? Let’s start with looking at how our vision works …

In essence, our eyes are designed to receive light, the energy of the universe in its visible form. Light enters our eyes and is processed through chemical reactions, which turns it into nerve impulses that are sent to the visual brain where we make ‘sense’ of them, turning them into something we are familiar with.

This light comes to us in waves of vibration, and if we are open, we can receive both the seen (the visible spectrum of light) and the unseen (the infrared and ultraviolet on either side of the visible spectrum) waves – indeed, the whole of the energy that passes through us all the time can also enter and communicate with us via our eyes.

But if, rather than just allowing ourselves to receive what is there, we look at the world through our learned ideals and beliefs, casting our pre-determined projections of how the world should look and how things and people should be onto them, filtering life through our hurts and our consequent attempts to protect ourselves from further hurt, then our vision changes.

In effect, we reduce the spherical nature of the globes, our eyes with which we receive the light of the universe, to slits.

And the world of energy is reduced to the world of matter; the waves of vibration become the particles of matter.

The world becomes denser, more tangible, more physical, reduced from five dimensions to three.

We corrupt the world from the whole of what is, to the reduced version of what is not.

Most of us are now so solid, so fixed in the belief that this material world is all there is and that it is somehow separate from us rather than created by us, that we cannot even comprehend the truth of what quantum physics brings us when we are told things like our hand is only solid when we (or someone else) is looking at it, and that when our attention is elsewhere, its particles are playing throughout the universe. How cool is that! Try looking away from your hand and allowing yourself to feel its particles dancing everywhere!

We cannot comprehend that we are not the only beings in the universe, and that there are beings we cannot see with our physical eyes who are living here amongst us. Yet we know this is true, we can feel it is true, and we have all had experiences that confirm this is true, even if they were long ago when we were children and much more open than we are today …

It certainly boggles our mind to know that there are many other universes, and that the very particles of our body are not fixed here in time and space, but move in and out of us and even in and out of this universe …

We, and our world, are so much grander, more wonderful – even magical – than we have been led to believe.

Opening up our eyes again

Our eyes have been used to lead us astray, to diminish and reduce us, to keep our gaze fixed firmly on the physical and to make the physical world our only reality. "Seeing is believing" the saying goes, but perhaps it should say “Believing is seeing”, as quantum physics and the double slit experiment show us that we will see what we believe, what we want to see, and that our eyes can be used to deceive us.

So how can we open up our vision, our view of the world, to see things again as they truly are?

We are feeling energy all of the time, and many of us are opening up more and more to this fact, opening our hearts and minds and bodies to the world of energy we live in.

Can we allow ourselves to open our eyes in the same way, to simply receive what is there, instead of trying to project a force of beliefs, trying to control what we see so we don’t react so much to what we are becoming increasingly aware of?

If we can, we will impose less of our perceptions, ideals and beliefs onto the world and people in it, and just allow it, and them, to be.

And when we allow ourselves to open up to the world, just as it is, then we start to open up more and more to the wonder and beauty of people and the way it is, which supports us to open up even more, and more … The what is not becomes less and less our focus and we are more willing to see it all clearly and just deal with it, no longer letting it dominate our view of the world.

Our eyes are there simply to receive.

We are here simply to be and to receive, to be vessels of energy, of the vibration of the universe that is flowing through us all the time, to open up to it, to express with it, to become more aware of it, to become willing to move with it, and then to expand with it in harmony with everyone and everything.

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