A Treatise on Consciousness – evolution, what is it really about?

A Treatise on Consciousness – a testimonial by Johanna Fredericks

A Treatise on Consciousness – evolution, what is it really about?

This morning I read a couple of pages from A Treatise on Consciousness. As I was reading I could feel how present I was with the words and I felt like my body was getting a gentle wash over. I took my time enjoying each and every sentence - I was completely with the book, the words and what the book was saying. I have read this book before but at nowhere near the level or way I read these pages today: perhaps before when I read, I was not open or ready to hear or see at the level I felt today.

Today I felt ... the true beauty of Serge's books.

If this book was a wrapped gift I could relate myself to previously only taking the bow off but today I unravelled the ribbon, unwrapped the paper and appreciatively claimed in full the gift I held in my hands, feeling all it had to offer. I am sure there will be more ... just as one gets to use a gift, so too will more unfold for me as I see, apply and feel what I read and relate to in my daily living.

The pages I read this morning were amazing, but the sentence that really stood out for me was ...

"Evolution is about the quality of expression and not the development of the physical vehicle that enhouses that expression."

Serge Benhayon A Treatise on Consciousness, p 316

It was like a click ... an aha! moment that with it brought so many more realisations and questions. I realised that:

• I previously had it somewhat back to front – I thought I had to develop first (to perfection, if I’m honest with myself!) before I could express anything of true quality.

• But when I read this quote this morning, I realised that Expression is the key, and that there is no perfection.

I continue to unfold and develop a caring and supportive way of being with myself but with my understanding that the care I live is reflected out to and for others. There was however, still a layer of thinking holding back my expression - what I mean by this is a part of my thinking in the past was around me, thinking that I had to get myself perfectly clear before I express so I don’t hurt others with my garbage. But the fact is, when I am in connection with myself, I am clear and what I say or do can bring so much.

What I realised this morning is that the expression is already there and the body just needs to be clear enough to express that level of love from the Soul/Divine. The more we shed that which is not truly us then the more we can express what is truly us. I had been using this way of thinking to hold back my expression, using the excuse that ‘I am not ready’, but in actual fact it is something that is happening in a parallel way, side by side (symbiotically) – in other words, I can keep expressing who I am and what I feel to say/do, whilst at the same time deepening Love in my body.

All of this came from one sentence and I am sure a lot more will come to be pondered, reflected on and lived. This is the power of these books. Imagine what these purple books could do for humanity, as a whole, should humanity choose to listen. Really, a great and needed form of medicine!

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  • By Johanna Smith, BA Education, Grad. Cert. Early Childhood, EPA Recognised, Teacher, Mother, Wife

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