Serge Benhayon’s books have deepened my understanding of the truth about life

The Way It Is – a testimonial by Matilda Clark

Serge Benhayon’s books have deepened my understanding of the truth about life

The first time I read Serge Benhayon's The Way It Is I felt something fundamental shift inside. All the questions I had asked myself, all the wonderings I had had, were answered and confirmed in writing. What was written was so familiar on one level, and yet not reflected in the way I saw life lived, which had been my forever confusion as a child.

Many clichés abound, but it was like coming home to everything I knew somewhere deep inside, like having what you have always known bounce off the page so clearly in black and white, and in that I was inspired and challenged to explore and claim that inner knowing.

You know when you just know something? Whether it is a feeling when you arrive in a building or a sense of something that is going on behind the scenes for somebody, and you dismiss or override that knowing because it does not fit in with your expectations (which are really just learnt conditionings) of that situation ... well, Serge's books have served to support me in honouring that which I know, and in so doing have nurtured a deeper, more honest, relationship with myself and life that makes sense and is set up to serve humanity as a whole.

That was 7 years ago and life has developed alongside the books ever since. As I deepen my understanding of the truth about life and the choices I make every day, I dip into and read any one of the books to support and confirm that process.

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  • By Matilda Bathurst, BSc Hons, RGN, RM, PGCE (Primary)

    A life enthusiast, nurturer and willing learner; mother, teacher, walker extraordinaire, registered midwife & nurse. Thriving into my elder years.