I got to see how the choices I make for myself impact me

Serge Benhayon’s books – a testimonial by Nicole Serafin

I got to see how the choices I make for myself impact me

I had my first session with Serge Benhayon over 15 years ago, with many presentations and courses to follow thereafter. I had never come across anything like it, but in that, something felt familiar. Universal Medicine presented a way of living that was simple, non-imposing and extremely practical, bringing integrity, honesty and responsibility into my life. It was always easy to blame someone or something else for why my life was the way that it was or why things happened the way that they did. Then came the realization that I was responsible for my life and the choices I made.

I began to stop and observe what I was doing and how I was doing it; I realised that there was no presence or awareness of what I was doing – meaning I was doing things but was not aware of how I was doing them – purely going through the motions of doing what had to be done.

Tools were provided that were simple and practical, useful on a daily basis, gradually extending into all areas of my life.

The release of Universal Medicine’s first book, The Way It Is was wow!!! ... showing me what I had always felt, that there was more to life, that we did have a purpose. This book and the many more that follow present truth and the bigger picture; and boy, is it so much bigger than I could have ever imagined! These books, I soon discovered, needed to be felt, to be read and enjoyed while allowing myself to feel all that was being said.

The books released by UniMed Publishing have given me a greater understanding of the choices that I have made for myself. With that, I am able to pick up any one of the books written and go to any page and lo and behold! what I read is always relevant to what is needed in that moment.

The same for the book, Esoteric Teachings & Revelations – amazing and awesome – words truly do not describe what a great support this is ... as are all the books from Universal Medicine.

Full of teachings, revelations and support that are always precise to what is happening in that moment.These are not books of whimsical premonitions but books of truth and honesty; a support for all humanity.

I am forever grateful to have something tangible and full of quotations that are supportive of the way in which I have chosen to live.

This allows me the support to continue building a life of love and simplicity, without the complications of life itself. A tool that supports me being me, in all that I do, all of the time.

For me these books are tools that support and allow me, in each and every moment, to reconnect to me.

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  • By Nicole Serafin, Hairdresser, Self employed business owner , Wife, Mother

    I am now living as the woman I truly am, dedicated and committed to developing and deepening the relationship I have with myself, my family and friends. Life continues to evolve, as do I.