The Way It Is – A Treatise on Energetic Truth

The Way It Is – A Treatise on Energetic Truth

The Way It Is – A Treatise on Energetic Truth

What is life all about, what is love, why am I here, what is energy, how do I make sense of life and what is its purpose, are questions most of us have asked ourselves – not just once, but at least a few times.

For some, it becomes a lifelong and at times vexing and confusing undercurrent and for others, something that surfaces only every so often, and mostly when disaster or tragedy strikes and we are left to pick up the pieces.

So how would it be to live a more informed and knowing life?

A knowingness that does not come from more information, how-to manuals and self-help books, that has nothing to do with statistics, surveys or expert knowledge, but is all about an inner wisdom and a consistency that ‘just knows’? And that knows that it knows; a steadiness and inner certainty that is sadly lacking from most our lives, which can feel out of control and like we are being tossed from one shore to another, and at times smashed against rocks and shipwrecked.

Yes – mostly, we do pick up the pieces, dust ourselves off and get on with it; and yes, there are happy moments and good times; but what about the underlying stress, the sleeplessness, the apprehension or even panic attacks, the depression and the general disappointment with a life we all know is not what we felt it would and could be like when we were growing up?

  • Could it be that we have brought the general malaise and discontent onto ourselves?
  • And could it be that we have forgotten we did?
  • And furthermore – could it be that it suits us to choose to think that we don’t remember we did?
  • And if so, what does this forgetfulness or ignorance protect?
  • And how would it be and what would happen if we chose to remember?
  • And furthermore – can we remember and do we want to?

The ‘do we want to’ is a rather more personal question, which is answered in Serge Benhayon’s The Way of Initiation and An Open Letter to Humanity.

That leaves the question of whether we can actually remember – enter Book 1, The Way It Is.

The Way It Is explains in detail that the human being – every single human being, whether man, child or woman – is a creation of the human spirit which separated from the Soul in order to pursue and find identification in and through a tangible physical existence which not only promised individuation and excitement, but also recognition and plenty of pats on the shoulder for deeds done and feats achieved.

Is there a problem with that, you might ask? Well, does it make sense to say that the individuation has led to: ‘every man for himself’, ‘dog eats dog’, and ‘blood runs thicker than water’, all of which in one way or another and on a bigger scale lead to wars, torture and terrorism and all the misery that ensues. And on a smaller scale, but perhaps even more painful and certainly more personal, it leads to struggles, fights and unhappiness in our private and our working lives.

The grandly promised excitement has led to anxiety, depression, unrest and sleeplessness and to a technology and clever prowess that has delivered some great stuff – but is also quite often misguided, utterly self-serving and empty. Does it really make sense to travel to distant stars instead of cleaning up the mess we have created on this planet? And, may it be added, a planet that is groaning under our weight and what we do on it and to it.

So what about the above mentioned recognition and the pats on the shoulder, the ones we give ourselves and the ones we get from others? Is there anything wrong with that?

Well, no – not as such; the only thing being that it is a poor substitute for the love we come from and for the love of the Soul we separated from.
Yes, we do come from a vast love and we do know love because we all know what is not love or loving when we are at the receiving end of it. And have you not noticed that no matter how many compliments or pats on the shoulder you get, it never lasts past the initial glow and satisfaction?

And could it be said that the lives of the celebrities and stars are a prime example of this? No matter how extensive the coverage, no matter how big the fortune, no matter how out-there the notoriety, none of it is truly fulfilling or saves any of us from depression, alcoholism, drug addiction, suicide … or even just misery.

The Way It Is unrolls human history and life in a way that makes sense and feels right, even familiar. This book sets the foundation for a knowingness and steadiness that will change your life – as it has for many already.

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  • By Gabriele Conrad, Editor

    Working as an editor of Serge Benhayon’s as well as other books and material – when I am not at my ‘day job’ – is a huge and very rewarding part of the amazing way I now live thanks to The Way of The Livingness.

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