What if you hold the key to your own wellbeing in your own hands?

What if you hold the key to your own wellbeing in your own hands?

What if you hold the key to your own wellbeing in your own hands?

What if medicine wasn’t a drug that you take or an operation that you get?

What if medicine is something that you live every day?

Your body is constantly communicating with you – it sends signals via hormones and electrical impulses (waves of energy) so that each cell is in constant communication with all the other cells. Your cells talk to each other all the time and in this way your body talks to you.

If you stop and allow your body to go really still you can begin to feel the sensations in your body. It is easy to become aware of your breath and how you are breathing – you may even feel the pulse and rhythm of your heart beating. As you practise tuning into yourself in this way, you develop an awareness of how different areas of your body feel.

By being still and connecting to your body, you develop the ability to listen to what your body is telling you.

Some conversations are obvious like: I’m tired, hungry, thirsty, bloated, in pain, tight, stiff . . . and others initially are more subtle like your nervous system feeling shaky or over excited, or you feeling not quite yourself, not truly together and at ease.

Anything that disturbs the natural rhythm and ease that the body is naturally designed to flow in is called dis-ease – a disturbance in the way the body self-regulates and innately takes care of itself.

When we listen to the head rather than the messages of the body, it is easy to become out of sync with our way of being and this starts to disturb the body, leading to illness and disease.

For example, we all know smoking is bad for us yet many intelligent people smoke because they think they like it or need it to feel at ease and relaxed.

However, if you asked your lungs and cardiovascular system if they liked to smoke they would say “No” as it hurts and damages them, clogs them up and makes them work overtime trying to deal with all the toxins.

If we can learn to listen to the signals from the body we can develop true medicine, as medicine is something we live . . .

. . . not just a pill or a potion or a doctor in a hospital, or the hospital itself. Although these are a much-needed part of our healthcare, we essentially hold the key to our health in our own hands, as we are the ones responsible for how we care for our health every day.

True Medicine is a livingness that comes from listening to and respecting the body and making choices in accordance with what the body would, by design, choose for itself. Your body would and does always choose love.

By learning and being willing to listen to the body you become your own ‘doctor’, as you will know exactly what it is your body requires to be healthy and well.

"It’s the choices you make in life and about life that will bring you the good medicine and the bad."

Serge Benhayon Esoteric Teachings and Revelations

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