Your body tells the truth – body awareness for self-care

Are you aware of your body?

For many this will seem like a strange question!

We certainly feel our bodies when we bump ourselves or have a headache, but do we really listen to our body all the time, or do we only notice it when it gets sore, sick or can’t keep up with what we want it to do?

We can develop a deeper level of body awareness, simply by feeling and listening to the honesty of our body. This is a key element that allows us to continually develop the level of self-care in our life.

Our body is like a true best friend, one that will keep patiently presenting the truth, no matter how we try to avoid it. We may not always want to hear or feel what our body has to say, but it will continue to speak to us without fail, to remind us of how to truly care for ourselves. So we can say that ...

"The body is the marker of ALL truth."

Serge Benhayon The Way of Initiation, ed 1, p 602

Can you recall a time such as:

  • when you worked through the whole day without a break, and how exhausting that felt at the end of it?
  • how sick you felt when you ate a whole block of chocolate or a packet of biscuits?
  • when you had a hideous hangover after drinking too much?
  • overdoing it at the gym or exercising and being hardly able to move the next day?

These are examples of how our body is always talking to us, or in these cases, shouting!

So, how can body awareness help us to develop self-care?

We often forget that we are in a body that is incredibly responsive and sensitive to everything that is happening within and around it.

Body awareness is an amazingly useful tool that we all naturally have – that reminds us that we actually can be, and are, responsible for our own self-care. It is like having a 24/7 health advisor, which knows exactly what to do to care for ourselves. All we need to do is listen.

Our body feels everything – our thoughts, words and actions – in every moment of our day and most importantly it registers the impact of what it has felt.

Our body will let us know if it feels tension or ease, hardness or openness, exhaustion or vitality. This can empower us, as we discover that when we listen to our body, we know exactly how to care for ourselves.

This allows us to take the responsibility for our health and wellbeing back into our hands.

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  • By Fiona Lotherington, Registered Nurse and Body Awareness/Esoteric Yoga Presenter.

    I have a passion for health and education. I love walking, singing, dancing, going to the gym, writing, cooking and sharing time with friends.