Unfolding men groups

Men are not warriors by nature – we are not insensitive or immune to the pressures of life. In fact, men are just as sensitive and perceptive as women, yet years of being told to toughen up, to live and talk a certain way, means we don’t often get the opportunity to simply express what we see and feel.

To live who we truly are we need to rediscover the tender man we are within. The first step of this process is to start to unfold the layers of protection we all hide behind and this can be achieved by communication, through our speech, movements and actions, so that we can start to see the harming models that society has set for what they truly are.

The “Unfolding Men” project is about offering supportive groups that allow men to express their feelings and unburden themselves from the ideals and beliefs of what being a man is, and connect to the joy of who we all truly are.