Building true relationships and positive parenting

Jean Gamble talks about healthy relationships and shares some positive parenting tips

Building true relationships and positive parenting

In this entertaining and personal audio Jean Gamble talks about supportive and positive parenting tips and the building of healthy relationships through having an agreement to move to a higher platform of truth and love within our relationships, and in the process nominating anything that doesn’t support this purpose.

She explains how developing a personal rhythm in life can support true wellbeing, and that our rhythm needs to be flexible enough to incorporate others’ rhythms within the family or group.

Jean talks about how expression is everything, and that we must bring expression to our feelings and our hurts in our relationships in order to get to the honesty that is required for true healing.

Within this audio Jean gives many examples of how we can do this in our lives, making this presentation extremely practical and approachable for anyone in relationship, and that is ALL OF US.

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Building true relationships

Jean Gamble has a knack of making us laugh out loud whilst sharing profound and life changing observations. If you have children, a partner, family, friends or anyone else you would like to relate to, then this is a must!

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  • By Jean Gamble, Psychotherapist

    Jean works with individuals, couples, families, teenagers and children. She knows that when we move past our layers of protection from hurt and connect deeply with our innermost self we can have rich, satisfying and purposeful lives and relationships.