Family & Parenting

The strength of love within family can hold each person so that they are able to be themselves and develop – this is the greatest support we can receive to then be ourselves out in the world. Living in a truly supportive family environment offers us a foundation of nurturing, the development of self-confidence, and a loving space for appreciating and understanding others.

In reality, family can also be the place that we feel most hurt. The way we have currently set up and modelled family and parenting can be fraught with emotional expectation, control, ownership and neediness; yet the true purpose of family is to evolve together. Family groups and the way we parent potentially offer us all the opportunity to learn through reflections of love, honesty and equalness, and how to truly live and let live.

What if family and parenting is more than what we think it is, and it reaches beyond our blood, marriage or adoptive relationships . . . what if the truth is that we are all family – Family Humanity? If that was the case, would this change how we are with one another?