Serge Benhayon brings philosophy to life

Serge Benhayon Brings Philosophy To Life

Serge Benhayon brings philosophy to life

A philosopher in the truest and most universal sense of the word, Serge Benhayon brings a new impress for the 21st century that delivers philosophy, science, medicine and religion together as a whole, because in truth, one cannot be considered without the other. Not confined to paper and print, nor about received and perceived cultural ideas, true philosophy expresses the direct experience of wisdom that lives within all human beings.

Anyone who wonders or ponders more deeply on who they are and why they are here, is naturally a philosopher.

Philosophers over the ages from Hermes to Pythagoras, Francis Bacon and Isaac Newton studied the ‘living book’ of the universe that reveals everything we need to know about the wonders of the universe and mankind’s place in it. All the ‘reading’ required of this living book, nature itself, was a detailed and deeply felt observation of the natural world.

The thread of this natural and universal Philosophy runs as a constant through history, sometimes eclipsed by the political power or religious authority of the day, but always to return as the key to understanding human life and the universe. Over the ages the educated and elite often used the written word as a weapon of power to wield over those who could not read or write. But the philosophy of this lineage was always there reminding those who were willing to listen, that the universe is a book that is always open and available to the hearts and minds of anyone who wishes to read it. Not only is it available to all, but this reference work, never to be bought or sold, never out of date or needing a reprint, is always there, simply presenting what it is presenting.

Laid out in front of us, right before our eyes, is the rich science of the natural world, with its rhythms and cycles imparting all we need to know about us and the universe.

The philosophy of the sermons of the Way of The Livingness, that Serge Benhayon presents in this new era, deepens and expands the study of life, its meaning, and its purpose, making it available for all right now in a fresh new impress. This study begins with us, not just the biology of us, the politics, the history of us, but the living nature of our relationship to ourselves, each other, and the world we live in. This is an in-depth science in itself.

We have every tool we need to be able to ‘read’ and understand the universe and the human condition ... indeed everything we may wonder about. We can use our innate awareness and capacity to feel, and our senses and knowing to access and understand life and everything that goes with it.

A key revelation that Serge imparts is that because everything is known to be energy we can all equally know and feel energy, and so by virtue of that fact, we all do know and can feel what is going on in life.

Therefore everyone has this ability to be a philosopher equally, as it is the simple use of energetic awareness that opens the door. Everyone can be a part of this study – no one is excluded.

Re-awakening awareness opens us to a spherical intelligence that comes directly from the source of life, and expands as life itself expands, never ignoring any data at play, and never ignoring the body it lives in.

This living philosophy brings new, fresh life in a way that fulfils and truly satisfies and is an intelligence that cannot be reduced to function and information alone. This awareness enables us to ‘read’ the archaeological layers of cause and effect in human behaviour in a way that leads to an understanding of why we have come to employ certain ways of behaving and relating.

What is life if we are not seeing beyond, instead succumbing to a daily grind that settles for the status quo, compelling us to seek temporary relief and respite from its rigours, when in fact every moment could be lived so richly?

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The Way of The Livingness – Religion, Philosophy, Science

The Way of The Livingness is built on Religion, Philosophy and Science where all parts are equal and is defined by the love we have for each other.

As Serge Benhayon demonstrates, day-to-day life is philosophy in action. It brings magnificence into the seemingly mundane and sheer magic into daily life. Every detail of life is a reflection, a clue to what is happening and why, all shown to us clearly and without judgement, revealing the very way we live, and thus our way forward.

This is evolution in the truest sense of the word

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