Philosophy, simplicity and revelation

Serge Benhayon brings the one thing to philosophy that has been lacking for centuries…. simplicity.

I have studied some philosophy with university lecturers in the past and the experience was quite mental and heady. We would read excerpts, explore their meaning and interpretation. I was left with more knowledge but feeling less. In fact while at the time I would have said I was left feeling more assured in my understanding of the world, the reality was I had simply become more fortified, more locked into my own mind.

In contrast, Serge has an ability to present the very depths of life in the simplest of terms, encouraging exploration that delivers an awareness that is nothing short of revelation.

Rather than trying to keep philosophy as something only learned professors can present, his approach turns all of us into philosophers of our own lives.

I have sat in a seminar room with people from around the globe, many with English as a second language and seen Serge present a philosophical piece for the room to consider. Without fail, during the course of the sessions, everyone in the room understands the concept we are exploring and more so, has contributed to the expansion of its understanding for all.

Through his use of group work, you are asked to not just become a passive recipient of knowledge but you and your lived experiences become part of the study itself. You are asked to poke, prod and explore the concept from your own lived experience. You become a scientist in that moment, exploring a theorem and presenting back your findings to the group. This is the true magic of this way of working… you have become a scientist, using philosophical approach to explore concepts about life and religion; science, arts and religion all combining harmoniously to deliver a revelation in both what you learn and how you have learnt it.

This is a true philosophical approach, whereby there is no submission to an idea or a concept and the student becomes a student of themselves, each benefiting from a true global (if not universal) perspective on life.

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  • By Joel Levin

    People and groups is where it is at for me, the way we work together (or not), it’s what I do for a living and what I do for a hobby, in essence it’s my everyday.