Living religion: the living practice of connection

What does being Religious mean?

Living religion: the living practice of connection

In each day my way and manner of being is applied in a very simple approach. Life can be fast paced, busy, full, intense, sometimes overwhelming and challenging; but what is most important for me is the way I choose to be with any and all that may come to me on any given day. This puts me in the ‘driver’s seat’ of each moment, and what enables this is the simple application of choosing to be connected, to be self-aware, in as much consistency as possible each day.

I say “as much consistency as possible” because there is no pressure for perfection; life can throw you a curly one from time to time, but a fundamental commitment to these principles can make it much easier to recover.

The connection to myself is not something I “go and do” outside somewhere in nature, or in any specific seated position, it is a way of living – a conscious awareness of what quality I choose to carry myself in and thus, what quality will be brought into all of my actions. There are millions of different ways to express yourself in your day, going about the daily routine, in a connected awareness to what can be known as the true essence of who you innately are.

This for me is Religious, the living practice of connection – anywhere, any time, any place – a living practice of connection that is equally available to all.

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  • By Natalie Benhayon, International Women’s Health Presenter, Practitioner of Universal Medicine Therapies, EPA Recognised

    Natalie is an enthused and dedicated woman who seeks to present and offer support in empowering people in their own health and well-being through all activities and ventures she inspires.