Our Perception of time – have we got it all wrong? Why is it something we all can relate to, carrying a stress or tension at some point in our daily lives? Is there another way to be with Time that is free of tension or angst? What exactly is our issue with time?

Serge Benhayon asks us to consider and ponder further, is it possible that tension is created in our body when we try to keep up with something, something that we perceive as getting away from us?

What if time itself doesn’t move? What if it is us that actually moves and time is simply a measure for us to clock where we are at, at any point in time ... ?

Serge asks us to consider the question – if time doesn’t exist what exactly is stress? And why do so many of us have an issue with time?

Could our stresses and tensions with time be due to trying to keep up with our perception – that is of it (time) moving, and therefore something we must constantly keep up with?

Answer: Our real issue with time, is not the fact that we can’t beat it or keep up but rather that it asks us to feel where we are truly at, at any given moment – in other words to clock (pun intended) and become aware of where we are at with ourselves in life.

By being in relationship with time and in time, we may discover for ourselves that it is in fact us moving in and through life, and therefore place greater attention and care as to the quality of presence we move in.

"Our quality of presence and awareness is what will support us to be in true relationship with time."

Serge Benhayon

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  • By Miranda Benhayon